Orquesta Infantil Promúsica de Málaga (Espanha)

Conductor: María Vara de Alba

Founded in 2009, the Orchestral Project Promúsica of Malaga is an orchestral training programme for young string players, with over 100 young musicians, aged 9-24, from Malaga and its different provinces. Enhanced and supported by the Malaga Music Foundation, this project was conceived and it is directed by the violinist and pedagogue from Malaga, Javier Claudio, violin teacher at the Superior Conservatory of Malaga and at the University of Málaga, and member of different symphony orchestras and chamber music ensembles. This project is supported by the Promusica Association of Málaga and benefits from the collaboration of institutions such as Ateneo, Unicaja Foundation, Malaga TV Channel and Cánovas Theater. In this orchestral program, the older students help the training of the younger ones, creating a very special involvement among all. The Orchestral Project Promúsica of Malaga is currently one of the most innovative and recognised programs for string instruments in Spain, and it is also one of the symbols of Malaga’s cultural identity. With an intense musical activity, its orchestras have performed more than 250 concerts in Malaga and other Spanish cities in just nine years, as well as eleven international tours to countries such as Italy, Portugal, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria.

Thursday, 11 July

Museu Nacional dos Coches, 18h30

Friday, 12 July

Igreja de São João Evangelista - Palácio Cadaval (Évora), 18h

Saturday, 13 July

Fórum da Parreirinha (Peniche), 22h

Participants List

Julianstown Youth Orchestra (Ireland)
Camerata da Academia de Música de Lisboa
Xavier College Choir and String Orchestra (Australia)
Trio Adamastor (Portugal)
Sudbury Youth Orchestra (Canada)
Orquesta Infantil Promúsica de Málaga (Espanha)
Zurich Youth Choir (Switzerland)
Orquestra Os Violinhos
North Stars Chamber Orchestra (United States)
Kiryat Tivon Youth Orchestra (Israel)